Vietnam’s Draft Law of Religion – English Language Resources

UPDATE: On 3 November, a collection of religious organizations, civil society organizations and international NGOs released a joint statement of concern on Vietnam’s draft law on religion. [Click here for link to PDF]

English Language Translations of the Draft Law on Religion

Law on Religion – Draft 5 – English Translation (rough): Includes highlights of deletions and additions between this draft and draft 4

Law on Religion – Draft 4 – English Translation (Rough)

Comments, Suggestions, Analysis and Statements by Religious Organizations, Civil Society, International NGOs and Independent Experts

Comments by the Cao Dai Popular Council

Comments and Suggestions by the Kontum Diocese

Vinh Diocese Comments on the Draft Law on Religion

Vietnam Conference of Catholic Bishops – Observations and Input

Statement by the Interfaith Council

Statement of the Independent Hoa Hao Buddhists

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) – Summary of Concerns

Vietnam’s Religion Law – Dr. Reg Reimer

International and Independent Media Coverage

The Economist “Higher powers: A proposed law on religion will not help the faithful” 26 September 2015

State-Controlled Media / Government Committee on Religious Affairs

Draft law upholds freedom of belief and religion

National Assembly Deputies in Đak Nong province gather comments on draft law on belief, religion

Draft law on belief and relgion unveiled