UBCV-BaRia Report, March 2014
Government Expropriation of Lien Tri Buddhist Temple (08-30-14)
Lien Tri Buddhist Temple Incident Report — August 2014 (Vietnamese)
Lien Tri Pagoda – Incident Report Sep 2014
Supppresion of Vietnamese Buddhist Shanga (09-22-14)


Incident report at Kontum (08-18-15) (Vietnamese)
Catholicism – Summary Notes (07-30-14)
Statement of Rev Phan Van Loi for Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission Hearing – Mar 2014
VIETNAM My Yen Incident
VIETNAM Intimidation and violence against Catholics 2012-2013
Report on Violations of Religious Freedom in Nghe An 2011-2013
What One Should Know About the Issue Involving the Redemptorists’ Land and Property in Thai Ha Parish, Ha Noi
Con Dau Parish Report to the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion
Vietnam’s Repression of the Catholic Church from 2009 through 2013 — for UPR Vietnam Jan 2014
Dak Jak Parish in Diocese of Kontum – incident report
Bishop Oanh’s letter to the Catholic faithful; Thu GM Oanh gui ACE tin huu o Dakto

Cao Dai

Popular Council of Cao Dai Religion – Incident Report on Incident at Tay Ninh Holy See (05-17-15) (Vietnamese)

Caodaism – Summary Notes
Caodai – Phu My Temple Incident Report – Sep 2012
Caodai – Bau Nang Incident Report – Sep 2013
Caodai – Chau Thanh Incident Report – Nov 2013
Caodai – Vinh Long Incident Report – Jan 2014
Cao Dai – Vinh Long Incident Report Jun 2014

Cao Dai – Lam Dong Incident Report Jul 2014
Cao Dai Popular Council’s Report – English translation (03-01-16)
Bao Cao Vi Pham – Thanh That An Ninh Tay (24-03-16)

Caodaiism – An endogenous religion, a distinct culture – Oct 2013

Hoa Hao Buddhism

Hoa Hao Buddhism – Summary Notes
Violations of the right to freedom of religion of Hoa Hao Buddhists in Dong Thap – Feb 2014
Religious freedom violations against Hoa Hao Buddhists, Mar 2014
Suppression of Hoa Hao Buddhism (07-16-14)
Hoa Hao Buddhism — A religion rooted in the peasantry
Position Paper on Hoa Hao Buddhism (04-03-15)  Ban Lap Truong PGHH (04-03-15)
BPSOS-07 Global Magnitsky Act – Nguyen Huu Tan (06-16-17)
Global Magnitsky Perpetrator Information – Col Pham Van Ngan

Duong Van Minh Sect

Duong Van Minh Sect – Summary Notes
APPENDIX 1 List of 24 funeral storage sheds of Duong Van Minh religion
Document 1-120425 Communiqué of SteeringCommittee NorthWest Region
Document 2-120531 Order of Communist Party in Cao Bang Province
Document 3-130504 Launching a Concerted Campaign in Van Thu Hamlet
Document 4-131008 UrgentDenounce of HMong-DuongVanMinh


Hmong Protestants
Declaration on Hmong Christians — Aug 2012
HND Stmt for Lantos Human Rts Commission Hrg- FINAL
ADDENDUM to HND Stmt for Lantos Human Rts Hrg, 3-26-14
BPSOS – The Muong Nhe Incident (02-12-12)
BPSOS Releases Footage of Muong Nhe Massacre (02-14-12)
Hmong arrested in Vietnam (05-12-13) updated
Hmong in Exile — Joint UPR submission — Vietnam — January 2014
Vietnamese Christian death in custody
Hoang Van Ngai
ECVN Hmong affiliates in Northwest Highlands

Montagnard Protestants
Church of Christ – Kontum Incident Report (08-19-15)
Church of Christ – Dak Lak Incident Report (04-08-2014)
Montagnard Christians — Thang-Rees declaration Jan 2011
Montagnards — Appendix II to Thang-Rees Declaration
Report to SR from Jarai asylum seekers in Thailand
Partial list of Montagnards in prison since 2001 – BPSOS (02-11-12)

Protestant Lutheran – Summary Notes
Vietnam Government’s Persecution of the Vietnam-U.S., July 25, 2014
Persecution against Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh, May 2014
Incident Report – Tran Thi Hong – April 14 2016
Len tieng ve viec cong an hanh hung Ba Tran Thi Hong
Incident Report – supplemental information – Tran Thi Hong – April 17 2016Tran Thi Hong – Don To Cao 15-06-2016, PHỤ LỤC A – B – C
PHỤ LỤC A – B – C Tran Thi Hong Denunciation Letter June-15-2016, Appendices A – B – C
Summary Report on Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh (April 4, 2017)
Denunciation letter of Mrs. Tran Thi Hong – Vietnamese (June 15, 2016)
BPSOS-01 Global Magnitsky Act – Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh & Mrs. Tran Thi Hong
BPSOS-03 Global Magnitsky Act – Central High Churches 03-16-2017

Protestant Mennonite – Summary Notes
Mennonite Report June 20 2014
Menonnite Report June 21 2014
Mennonite Church Report 2014-11-07 (for public release)
Hoi Thanh Mennonite Binh Duong – Bao Cao Vi Pham 2014-11-07
Mennonite Church_Binh Duong – Incident Report Update 1 (12-01-14)
Mennonite Church_Binh Duong – Incident Report Update 2 (12-11-14)
Mennonite Church_Binh Duong – Incident Report Update 3 (12-17-14)

Khmer Krom

Related Information

Law on Belief and Religion

Du thao LTNTG (4) gui Cong TTDT Chinh phu
Law on Religion – 4th draft – English translation (rough)
Gop y cua Khoi Nhon Sanh (04-26-15)English Translation
GP Bac Ninh Gop Y LTNTG (4) – English translation
Go´p y´ luât tôn gia´o – GM Hoang Duc Oanh – English translation
Gop Y LTNTG – GP Vinh – English translation
Ban góp ý Du thao 4- HDGMVN – English translation
Hoi Dong Lien Ton – Khang thu ve Du Thao 4 LTNTG – English translation
Statement of independent HoaHao Buddhists regarding Draft Law on Religion
CSW Vietnam Concerns about draft Law on Religion and Belief
HR 1150 Ltr to HFA Committee May7.2015(2)

Other documents:

Statement of Father Phan Van Loi at 2015 ACSC / APF (English)
Restrictions on and Repression of Religious Freedom in Vietnam (07-16-14) (short version)
Police brutality against people of faith (07-22-14)
Press statement of the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or of belief: http://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=14914&LangID=E
Press statement of the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or of belief (Vietnamese): http://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Issues/Religion/StatementVietnameseVersion31July2014.pdf
Mission to Vietnam Report – UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or of belief
Mission to Vietnam Report – UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or of belief (Vietnamese)
CSW Report – VIETNAM The Right to Convert – State Restrictions and Social Hostilities
List of Prisoners of Conscience Belonging to Religious Communities (07-30-14)
IRF Roundtable – Vietnam Letter – Ranking Member Corker
CSW letter to Senate Foreign Relations Committee — Senator Corker
IRF letter to Kerry on Vietnam – 01 Oct 2014

Repression of Religious Freedom in Vietnam (12-19-14)
2015.06.13 – Police brutality against people of faith
Tuyên Bố Chung về Dự thảo Luật Tôn giáo Việt Nam (VN)-3Nov2015
Tuyen Ngon Hoi Nghi Tu Do Ton Giao DNA
Uy Hoi HK Tu Do Ton Giao – Phuc trinh tu Viet Nam

Vietnam religious prisoners (05-10-17)

Training materials

Dẫn nhập và định hướngIntroductory-Session
Videos for self-study (tự học)

Các tài liệu đọc thêm:

1-Dẫn nhập về nhân quyền quốc tế
1-An introduction to universal human rights
2-Tự do tôn giáo hay tín ngưỡng ở Việt Nam
2-Freedom of Religion or Belief in Vietnam
3-LHQ và Báo Cáo Viên Đặc Biệt tự do tôn giáo hay tín ngưỡng
3-The UN and the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief
4-Nguyên tắc và mục đích ghi nhận các vi phạm
4-Principles and aims of documentation
5-Nộp báo cáo cho Báo Cáo Viên Đặc Biệt
5-Submissions to the Special Rapporteur
6-Thể thức soạn và nộp báo cáo
6-Process for preparation and submission (09-16-14)
7-Một số thí dụ
7-Example cases
Báo cáo mẫu — Cao Đài ở Bầu Năng
Incident report sample – Cao Dai in Bau Nang
Báo cáo vi phạm tự do tôn giáo; SR Religious freedom model-questionnaire
Communications brochure_VN fin 130114
Tuyên Ngôn Quốc Tế Nhân Quyền

Tự Do Tôn Giáo hay Niềm Tin cho Mọi Người
Freedom of Religion or Belief for Everyone 

US Law on international religious freedom
International Religious Freedom Act of 1998
Amendment to 1998 International Religious Freedom Act (2014)
Trade Promotion Authority Act of 2015